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Greetings 🖖 my amazing friend,

Today I’m writing the article to React just for one reason — I love 💛 Reactjs.
I’ve no intentions to force you to learn to react or get into React. if you’re currently getting started or already working on it then it’s definitely for you, And please don’t miss any points because every single skill or tip will help you to get better at ReactJS.

Few prerequisites

- HTML5 and CSS3 — As frontend developers, we all mostly start from HTML and CSS and that’s the good start of a career. We do create a…

CodeDeploy vs CodePipeline

CodePipeline will help you automate your release process. You can define your own release process, then CodePipeline builds, tests, and deploys your code every time there is a code change. For more details, you can check out the CodePipeline documentation here:

CodeDeploy will act as the deployment tool integrated with CodePipeline. Here is one simple example, you have an application A and three deployment groups beta, gamma, and prod. You can set up a process with CodePipeline that every time there is a change of your source code, the change will be deployed to beta, gamma, prod one by one.


Rajesh Kumar

I’m full-time web-developer and part time flutter dev. most of time i spent with React (Javascript), html, css, design. follow me on twitter @rkumar1904

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